About Us

Triple Line Tech is a start-up company based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. We are developing technologies and processes to address the 'Triple Bottom Line' (maintaining commercial growth for partners and clients, whilst meeting the growing challenges of improving human health, social development ,and environmental sustainability).

We take our company name from the common term in the 'Triple Bottom Line' and the 'Triple Line Diagram' defining the solid-liquid-gas interface in physical chemistry, linking our technology developments, based on solid-liquid-gas interactions, and the challenges they address.

Triple Line Tech's pilot technology is the 'TLT Foamer', developed to help eliminate the requirement for Nitrous Oxide and volatile organic compound (VOC ) propellants for foamed and aerated products, such as whipped cream and shaving foam.  However, this technology may also have wider application in a number of technical and  industrial sectors with benefits beyond greenhouse gas reduction and environmental health improvement.

(UK Company Registration No: 10512601)
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