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Mark Nicmanis

My interest in multi-phase systems and surface interactions began during my PhD where I studied the behaviour of particulate systems using population balance equations. After graduation I joined Unilever's R&D division and was able to apply and broaden this understanding during the development of novel ice cream, laundry granule, aerosol anti-perspirant, hair care and effervescent beverage products. In the next ten years of my career I worked for Cambridge based product development companies: TTP and Cambridge Consultants. In these roles I worked on a wide range of projects to commercialize appliances, clean tech, and packaging products for companies in the foods, beverages, personal care, medical and industrial sectors.

In December 2016 Michelle and I teamed up to incorporate Triple Line Tech to develop an exciting range of environmentally friendly products based on our expertise in structuring multi-phase systems.

Michelle Gothard

I have always been interested in the properties of materials and their interactions in  physical systems and processes. My PhD research in the  physical chemistry of the biopolymer Gellan Gum covered aspects of a novel drug release mechanism, and foods structuring. I continued my research career in Unilever's R&D division, having the opportunity to work on a wide variety of topics including biomimetics, novel process and materials development, and technology evaluation. Since leaving Unilever I have worked with  a number of companies developing and implementing disruptive technologies in materials processing and product manufacture, often related to human and environmental sustainability in a diversity of industrial sectors. Latterly, I have worked as an independent technical consultant, and for the product development company Cambridge Consultants in  new product development (NPD), and areas of IP mapping and business strategy.