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Foams have a diverse range of applications in the industrial sector. The materials properties of foams, be they liquid or solid foams, allows them to carry out a broad range of functions from the suspension and distribution of active ingredients, to noise dampening, and insulation . The kinetics of many multi-phase industrial processes, such as gas scrubbing, gas-liquid reactions, and absorption may be enhanced by increasing the interfacial surface area by the formation of foams. Hence, the use of foams in fire suppression, gas scrubbing, insulation, separation processes, decontamination, and functional materials.

The TLT-Foamer with its ability to  generate microfoams may offer process and materials advantage in a range of industrial applications.


Continuous Foam Production
High quality microfoam is produced continuously from a driven device system incorporating the TLT Foamer technology. In this example the foam is being generated from an aqueous Sodium Lauryl Sulphate solution (surfactant) and compressed air at 5 bar. Gas phase volumes can be varied in such a process to give foams with a range of textures and physical properties.