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The TLT-Foamer

Our pilot technology is the TLT-Foamer. This proprietary technology is capable of generating a microfoam (bubble sizes generally less than 100 micron diameter) without the use of dissolved or liquefied gases. Instead our technology works with sustainable gases such as air and nitrogen. The technology uses a completely novel method of foam production  that can be cheaply manufactured and implemented in a variety of applications. The TLT-Foamer forms part of Triple Line Tech's IP portfolio.

Why Develop this Technology?

This technology was developed to provide a sustainable alternative to existing methods of on-demand microfoam generation used for many, food, household and personal care products, as well as medical and industrial applications.

Commonly used methods of microfoam generation rely upon hazardous and environmentally damaging gases. For instance, aerosol or charger whipped cream relies on pressurised nitrous oxide dissolving into the cream.  However, nitrous oxide is a greenhouse gas with a global warming potential  250 times larger than the equivalent concentration of carbon dioxide. Nitrous oxide is an important contributor to the formation of low level photo-smog in urban areas and has been identified as a respiratory irritant. There is also international concern over its increasing use as a recreational narcotic.

In personal care applications, foamed aerosol products (e.g. shaving foams, hair mousses, foamed moisturisers and hair conditioners) tend to utilise volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as liquefied propane, butane and iso-butane. VOCs contribute to indoor poor air quality, as well as the formation of atmospheric smog (Ref Quote) (Ref Quote). They are also linked to respiratory irritation, particularly for individuals with pre-existing conditions such as asthma. 

In addition, aerosols containing VOCs and nitrous oxide must be transported as hazardous goods (Class 2.1) (Ref Quote). As a result they are under increasingly restrictive legislation for their transport, use and discharge to atmosphere (Ref Quote).

Features of the TLT-Foamer

The TLT-Foamer can generate microfoams for a wide range of applications.

Technology features include:

  • Utilizes environmentally friendly gases (air, nitrogen)
  • Exploits a completely novel method of micro-foam generation
  • Creates high quality microfoams with fine uniformly sized bubbles
  • Capable of generating a range of different foam textures with varying air content (overrun)
  • Can be manufactured using low cost, high volume manufacturing methods such as injection moulding
  • May be incorporated as a module within a powered device, component within an aerosol dispenser, or disposable packaging
  • May be manufactured from a wide range of materials including polymer materials (plastics), metals, glass, or ceramics, as fits the application requirement (e.g. materials compatibility, consumable or durable format, hygiene)
  • The technology has already been shown to work for a range of viscosities, from simple soap solutions (1-3cp) to 38% fat dairy cream (50cp)
  • Capable of foaming complex formulations containing particulate suspensions and emulsions
  • The TLT-Foamer technology is scalable allowing for dispensing requirement from a few millilitres to continuous industrial scale production (L/s) of microfoam