Enabling Sustainable Products and Processes

Who are we?

Triple Line Technology is a UK based company developing innovative physical solutions to meet global challenges. We work with partner companies and brands through IP licensing and joint developments,  helping to create sustainable products and processes in a range of industries.

Our patented technology, the TLT-Foamer, was developed to allow high quality microfoam (bubbles less than 100microns) to be generated from single use and refillable aerosols using sustainable compressed gas propellants (air, nitrogen). This innovation removes liquefied and dissolved gas propellants that are of increasing environmental and health concern.

Though the TLT-Foamer technology was developed for aerosol packaging, its simplicity of design makes it amenable for use in functional packaging, hand held and large devices, and manufacturing processes, enabling flexibility and creativity for existing and new products and materials.

Why Foams?

Through their unique materials properties liquid and setting microfoams are an essential part of our lives. From shaving foams to whipped desserts, beer heads to carpet cleaners, we experience microfoams on a daily basis. Microfoams can act as thermal and acoustic insulators, shock absorbers, efficient methods of metering doses, and provide indulgent sensory experiences. Foams formed from biobased materials may offer us solutions for replacing problematic synthetic materials, or play a role in cutting edge medical advances. However, to exploit these current and future opportunities we need simple, efficient, and sustainable methods of generating microfoams


Using sustainable compressed air or nitrogen 


Technology can be used in aerosol packaging, devices and manufacturing processes


New products, new processes, new approaches

Latest Innovation -TLT Compressed Gas Whipper

Removing nitrous oxide and reducing the carbon footprint for on demand food and beverage whipping. UN Climate Change, Circularity, cream whippers, environmental damage, 2030, 2050, COP26, corporate responsibility, eco-products, climate tech,