TLT Compressed Gas Siphon

Triple Line Technology have development of the worlds first nitrous oxide free 'Compressed Gas Siphon' for whipping foods and beverages.


This proprietary device embodies our patented micro-foam generating technology, enabling products such as dairy and plant based creams, milk, milk and coffee based beverages, cocktail foams, and desserts to be whipped or aerated on demand. This device is powered by compressed air or nitrogen, removing the requirement for nitrous oxide (a powerful greenhouse gas -GWP=298 x CO2), and the carbon footprint and metal waste associated with steel nitrous oxide charger bulbs .

For further information about the TLT Compressed Gas Siphon, or inclusion of our technology into other devices please contact us at


The TLT Siphon provides greater creative options for foaming and aerating foods and beverage products than traditional nitrous oxide whippers. Due to its novel gas inclusion and bubble break-up mechanism, the TLT siphon can foam products, such as milk, that are not stable with traditional nitrous oxide methods. The TLT Siphon's design can allow the user to change the amount of compressed gas included in the product,  giving options for experimentation and the creation new textures and forms. Thus generating a variety or product outcomes, from fluid foams and airs to stiff structured whips, for the same recipe (formulation). Pushing creativity beyond that achievable with nitrous oxide. 


Vegan Cream

TLT siphon dispensing whipped vegan cream (Oatly Whippable). Siphon charged with compressed air.

Culinary Foams

Compilation showing; skimmed milk (<1% fat ) latte foam (50% air) on coffee, structured skimmed milk foam (80% air) on coffee, Dalgona Coffee on iced milk, cocktail salt foam (egg white base), and a vegan beetroot foam dip (aqua faber base). 

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