TLT Foamer Technology

Our Technology

The TLT-Foamer is a  proprietary technology  capable of generating microfoams (bubble sizes  less than 100 micron diameter) without the use of environmentally  harmful dissolved or liquefied gas propellants - foaming agents. Though originally developed to provide a more sustainable foam aerosol dispenser, the technology can be applied more widely in devices, appliances, and potentially processing applications.  

In conventional foam  aerosol products the microfoam structure is generated by a liquefied  or dissolved gas (e.g. butane, propane, nitrous oxide) being present under pressure, and forming part of the liquid formulation.  On dispensing product from the aerosol can the  liquefied or dissolved gas experiences a sudden pressure drop , causing it to rapidly expand within the formulation. The role of the liquefied or dissolved gas as the  foaming  mechanism has proved to be a major hurdle in finding more sustainable alternatives for producing high quality microfoams from aerosols.

 The TLT-Foamer technology works with sustainable gases such as compressed air and nitrogen. It uses a completely novel method of foam production  that can be cheaply manufactured and implemented in a variety of applications. The technology does not rely on fine constrictions, meshes, or porous media to generate fine bubble structure. Instead our technology utilizes a specific flow path geometry, which iteratively reduces bubble size along its length.

General Features of the TLT Foamer